‘Cold’ and other Diaries 2012 - 2022
Gitterraum, Essen DE

“At around 7pm, from my table I see how you enter a coffee shop. While you order a cappuccino, I recognise that the legs emanating from your high heels are bare. Only I know that the shoes and your coat are the only items that you are wearing on your naked body.”

“He speaks about his obsession with pride, longing for an equal enthusiast to satisfy him. I promise him images…”

The exhibition is based around a series of images telling the story of one sex work experience from a ‘cold fetishist’ as well as incorporating self portraits from over 15 years.

Depictions of sex workers in art history have almost always been as a deviant and immoral, lacking a creative voice of their own. Porn and sexually explicit images are differentiated from ‘pure’ art forms, constraining the style and directness of an image. 
'Cold' is part of an ongoing non-linear photographic diary exploring the image and experience as a sx wr*ker, with the intention is to unsettle and confuse a one dimensional viewership.

The artist presents a Queer gaze - in that the body is a mixture of interpretations. The artist presents a gaze that confronts the viewer, asks them to question their bias, their sexuality, and presumptions about sex workers and female sexuality in general. They frame themselves in positions of power and vulnerability; simultaneously the photographer, the objectified sexual figure and the person in full (performative) control, the Dominatrix.