Sync, Psych, Self (sic) Is an ongoing series of Photography, Text, Workshop, Events, Exhibitions, Talks, Performance, Installation on the concept of ‘The Self Portrait’ as Personal Narrative in a selfie saturated world. 

I remain in intolerable non-knowledge, which has no other way out than ecstasy itself.Georges Bataille


The self portrait is the realisation of our non-knowing. Once we have constructed a version of ourself we offer it to the camera. This is the moment we remember the only certainty about our being is death.

Up until that moment of ‘taking’ the photograph we search for ways to communicate a self- or an identity. In the second the image is taken, one moment of uneasiness occurs before we take control again, ‘deleting’ choosing what to share and how to hone it to the best representation of our projection.

to experience this contradiction between ‘knowledge and non-knowledge’; ‘to be seen and unseen’; 'exposure and conceal’ is to fall into a moment of crisis that is resolved only by giving ones self to the camera.
We live in an environment of appropriation where  ideas, identities, experiences and expressions are ’washed’ by capitalist and neo-liberal bodies; sold back to us through idealised images and promises of authenticity. The process ostracises and alienates us from our own values.

SPSS is about exploring the self portrait as a portrayal of a self-narrative. It poses the question of how to create an alternative history of lived-experience. A history which expresses its self through mediums of art, reflection and discussion.

The series started as a self-curation of works of different mediums; word, self portrait photography, poster design, performance and video. Coming together in the form of a book and self-curated exhibition.

The idea was to explore the definition of the self portrait, how it can be re appropriated alongside and within a selfie-saturated environment.

Definition of the name

Urban Dictionary:


to be in a same state of mind or thinking


To retract your previous statement, in an attempt to fool the person you’re talking/chatting to.


The field of psychology attempts to define it with circular definitions. The truth is, we don’t really know how to define self... not objectively at least.
In a few words, self is consciousness. Consciousness escapes objective description (poor example: your experience of the colour red, is it the same as mine?). If a definition requires an objective description, then self is un-definable.


(Latin for “thus”) is a bracketed expression used to indicate that an unusual spelling, phrase, or any other preceding quoted material is intended to be read or printed exactly as shown (rather than being an error) and should not be corrected. When found in a French document, (sic) stands for “Sans Intention Comique” (without comic intention) meaning that even if the preceding text could be understood as funny, it was not meant to be. It is used by writers quoting someone to alert the reader to the fact that an error or other weirdness in the quoted material is in the original, and not an error of transcription. “Sic” is almost always enclosed in parentheses.


= Synchronization.
The operation or activity of two or more things at the same time or rate.


1) short for psychiatric
2)(as adjective psyched) Mentally prepare (someone) for a testing task or occasion.


A person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.


Used in brackets after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous; to show that the word is quoted exactly as it stands in the original
= Latin, literally ‘so, thus’.

Other Works 

Sync, Psych, Self (sic) works 

Created for the group exhibition ‘LINDA’ under the theme of ‘A personal history of sexuality’ at ul.Ivan gallery, Sofia 

Self In the Garden 2014

Sketch from ‘Sync, Psych, Self (sic)’ Series

Self portrait exhibition 2018  

Featuring photographic artists from all over the world.
Flyer image: Bina Carmel
Flyer design: Stephanie Ballantine

Installation Shots 

Self-Portrait Event // Project Space Festival 2018 more info: here

Live stream from 10 hour installation : 5 artists who explore selfhood in their work use the open gallery to create work reflecting on ‘the self portrait’ .   

Images created by visitors: invited to take self portraits with a medium format analgoue camera: using items which the artist (myself) had used in previous performances (a narrative of work through object and costume) 

Artist discussion: Self Portrait exhibition

Poet & Prophetess: Kingdom Return // A spoken word event

reflecting on personal narratives and self-empathy with Candice NembhardTurke Chini, T R V Λ N I Λ, Poet & Prophetess 

A Self Portrait Workshop
(for anyone who has taken a selfie)

// Booking :  //
pop by: check fk-kollketiv open times

// Contact: 

// When:
20.01.20 :
10.00 - 17.00 
21.01.20 :
11.00 - 18.00

// Where:
Silbersteinstr. 133
12051 Berlin

// Price:  
110€ / 90€ 
two days
(Reg /Students, low income)

// Need :  
Mobile phone with camera, a selfie

// My workshop is for anyone who wishes to experiment with selfie’s or/and self portraiture, anyone who is interested in the selfie phenomenon, photographers and artists at every level, photographers who use self portraiture in their photography practise, anyone who has ever seen or taken a selfie.

// During the two days of the workshop, we will engage in exercises aimed to focus on the experience of taking a selfie and a self-portrait, reflect on the construction of the photograph, and how we share / present it. Inspiration for the workshop comes from a theoretical background but is in no way academic, it focuses on direct personal reactions and experiences.

// The only requisite is that you have ever taken a Selfie, or that you are willing to take one for the purpose of the workshop! We will be using an analogue medium format camera during the workshop under my instruction. A digital scan of the analogue image of you as the subject will be provided a week after the workshop.  

// There is an option to bring a portfolio or examples of your personal work (finished or not) for review on the second day. However, if you do not have one or wish to share: this is not at all a requirement (yet we will engage in group critiquing).

The workshop is held in English but translators can be arranged.