'What is queer today is not tomorrow' NGBK, Berlin

50 Steph Lifts

Performance Video

Featuring Tanya Stasilowicz
filmed by Pablo Zuleta

With Tanya Stasilowicz (the lifter) players are animated to concentrate on one wrestling ‘move’. Making an image of struggle into a journey, a challenge.

The performance is an interaction between the subjective and the gazed upon object. The subject is ‘the lifter’, who carries the second woman, her own external image. ‘The lifter’ struggles, is focused on the task of carrying the object; ‘the lifted’ is self-conscious, aware and present in their own being, their own part in the game.

The video acts as a moving photographic image, and, like the film stills of Andy Warhol, the object cannot deny her humanity, even if it is reduced or manipulated in the still image. ‘Woman’ is here conceived as the forming of one ‘queer’ being from two. She must carry herself, converse with herself, make a choice to deny or accept a heritage of dualism. The piece culminates in a union of the two ‘selves’ a kind of orgasm, an optimistic expression.


GEGANkino exhibition ‘Viagina’ Leipzig filmfestival, Leipzig


Performance Video

Shown In GEGANkino exhibition ‘Viagina’, projection; hanging screen, April 2015
made as collective: ‘The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlife Goddess Group.

Linespacing is a performance for video from ‘The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlife Goddess Group.’ The Berlin-based transfeminist, pancosmic artist collective consisting of Mikala Hyldig Dal and Stephanie Telomere. This piece exposes the delicate, seductive, compulsive and potentially destructive dynamic of connection. Stopping the breath, releasing it, ‘taking’ the feeling of suffocation, the players delve into it; pursing a presence in the body: a succumbing. Subtle lines are drawn and pushed, the space inbetween is formalised. Awareness within the two players bounces between present sensation, communication, and the gaze as a mirror.


“Crystal Vagina” is a 2-channel video installation and 7 minute video piece based on a transformation of Berlin public memorials and abandoned construction sites into star-gate wormholes to transubstantiate third generation futurist colonists back to earth with the purpose of initiating the final revolution.


Video performance project

in collaboration with Radha Mateva, Andrew F Smith and VoindeVoin
filmed and edited by Radha Mateva
Screened at Sofia Underground Art Festival (2014)
'Boddingale' 2013
Featured on 'Shocking film DVD collection release (2013)

Documentary / intervention performance located at the derelict communist monument set in Buzludzha; a peak in the Central Balkan Mountains


ii  view of Buzludzha