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Participants explore the creation of autobiographical realities through image-making tools.

Workshop coordinator Stephanie Telomere is a photographer, artist and a dominatrix putting her in a unique position to explore self-portrait creation and its dissemination. As a dominatrix and a sex worker in general, her image is in constant flux; determined by what is desired from the viewer. In her self portraiture, Telomere conveys sex and sexual practise through her body, symbol and interaction, yet her gaze is full of ambiguity and complexity rather than titilation. Telomere uses the self portrait as one side of a conversation, and by using her self and subjectivity she gives weight to the questions posed. In this workshop she deconstructs the process of taking a self portrait and the meaning it is given once it is in the world.
In this workshop 1. Researcher and photographer Alicja Khatchikian sets out the theoretical framework of the body in photography referring to her paper ‘Intertwining discourses: a visual history of bodies’ as a context for reflection and discussion 2. Dominatrix and photographer Stephanie Telomere presents her self portraiture ‘methodology’ referring to self portraits taken over a 17yr period as a case study of autobiographical self portraiture and 3. Practical photographic exercises are initiated in order to hone in on the experience and mechanism of self portrait construction.

The workshop is intended for artists/ researchers interested in exploring a theoretical and a practical take on self-portraiture